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Creative Process

We use a simple process that helps you better understand your dream, focus it for the web, and then create beautiful websites that showcase what you offer to your audience and reach your goals.

Our Process

  • Dream
  • Focus
  • Create


What's your Dream?

Malcom Forbes once said, "When you cease to dream you cease to live." Dreams are the reason companies are started, services are offered, and certifications are attained. There are people who are facinated by your dream because it solves their problem in a unique way. At Focused Creations, we want to learn about your dreams and discover why you do what you to help connect your audience with your solution.

Discovering your audience and goals for your website.

Goal Icon


(drēm) n., v.,a strongly desired goal or purpose


Imagination into Focus

Mark Twain once said, "You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Taking an idea from an intangible concept to something people can interact with takes effort. This process removes the vague possiblities of what a web site could do to what it will do. At Focused Creations, we want to help you bring your dream into focus for the Word Wide Web.

Focus your content for the web.

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( fŌ-kǝs ) n.,a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding


Create the dream

Steve Jobs once said, "Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." The final stage of website creation is to deliver your dream in a creative way so your audience can experience it. Design (how it looks) and functionality (how it works) come together to deliver a goal-oriented experience for vistors to accomplish tasks as they interact with the site.

Create a look and feel to achieve your goals and reach your audience.

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( krē-āt ) v.,to produce through imaginative skill